Automatic Manufacturing Output:

Knowledge based engineering for machine tools


Auto Tool Sorting

A single keystroke sorts all your current tools into logical machining order.    You can then "fine-tune" the results to exactly meet you requirements.    Instead of "hard-coding" AMO operations, you can build machining features based on part thickness or material.    This capability allows you to create custom operations "on-the-fly".    This means that you don't have to create thousands of operations in advance.

Single Keystroke Contour Machining

You can now produce finished contour shapes with one keystroke.    The AMO Mill module evaluates an existing contour shape and calculates the roughing and finishing paths.    The module create a starting hole and then starts all machining paths from this safe location.    Using material, fixture, and tool libraries, Synergy calculates optimum depth of cut and appropriate feeds and speeds.

Flexible Operations

So that you can change operations "on-the-fly", we have added flexibility to AMO.    Using these new techniques, you can modify your machining practices to overcome any manufacturing obstacle.    You will save time by not having to build a special operation for every machining situation.

Weber Systems is different from off-the-shelf software vendors because Weber fills manufacturing needs for fully custom automated CNC solutions.    After Synergy has recognized a part's features, it can position and machine the part, then create instant NC output.