Synergy CAD Modeler
includes Parasolid 16.3 kernel.

Synergy 16.3 is now available.    The new Parasolid modeling kernel has been fully integrated with many easy to use enhancements.

The key to Synergy's CAD Modeler is its knowledge-based design libraries.    Synergy incorporates tools for creating geometry, surfacing and solid modeling.    Synergy also supports a suite of tools to exchange electronic data.     The direct interface accepts data from all standard CAD vendors through IGES, DXF, DWG, X_T or, X_M formats.

The Synergy Modeling system is an open systems architecture that easily supports extensions.    Users can implement proprietary knowledge and current design, tooling, processes and databases in an independent format.

Synergy includes standard features such as patented geometry, 2D and 3D geometric constructions, curve creation and, shape libraries.    The Drafting module offers ANSI and ISO packages for 3D drafting and dimensioning that includes geometric tolerancing, automatic layout of 3D wireframe, datum and, automatic dimensioning modes.    The 3D module includes easy to use constructive solid, swept, ruled, tabulated surfaces and, slicing.    The comprehensive expert module includes patch, lofted, fillet, mesh and offset surfaces as well as automatic trimming, blending and filleting of any combination of bi-cubic, NURB, quadric or Bezier surfaces.

Synergy solid modeling, based on the Parasolid kernel, is a leap forward in Synergy CAD technology.    It offers our users the latest unique and powerful tools for both the design and modeling of their parts and projected components.    These tools give engineers the ability to design a solid-modeled part and directly import and export solid modeled parts from other Parasolid modelers.    Engineers can quickly and easily share their revisions and complete designs with internal and external customers.

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