Synergy on Linux/Windows


Over 25 years of CAD/CAM software design and manufacturing knowledge has gone into this versatile product.    Linux users have been looking for a mid-range solution with more capabilities than freeware and the functionality of expensive workstation products.    Synergy is that solution with its ability to adapt to your product design needs and fits to your shop floor capacity. 2-1/2 to 5-axis milling, multi-axis turn, and Mill/Turn combinations can all be programmed with Synergy.    Create direct to machine code and shop floor documentation in text or web browser documents.



Synergy/Win2K/XP downloads

Synergy/Linux downloads
kernel 2.6.5
kernel 2.4.21
kernel 2.6.9
kernel 2.4.2
kernel 2.6.3
kernel 2.4.26



Note: An access code is required to access the CAM and Solid modeling sections of Synergy.


Free 30 day trial access codes are available via email ( see README ).


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