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Corporate Profile

Weber Systems is the original American developer of design and manufacturing automation systems. The company markets its products and services throughout North America and Europe.

Our mission is to be the first source of outstanding integrated total productivity including CAD/CAM automation solutions. Our team provides swift support and networking expertise. Our research is driven by the needs of the engineering community and delivers accommodating, effective software.

Our software continually stretches existing productivity standards.

Weber Systems has licensed software in over 3,000 locations worldwide. Our staff boasts more than 70 man-years of CIM software development and experience. We are particularly proud of our worldwide consulting and support for all areas of computer numeric control. Our modern facilities, comprehensive training, technical support, and maintenance are the very best in the industry.

Company Highlights

  • 2005 - Synergy 16.3 now available on Linux
  • 2003 - Synergy now available on Linux
  • 2003 - Synergy 15 with Parasolids 14.1 kernel
  • 2002 - Conversational Synergy
  • 2000 - Synergy 12 and Windows 2000
  • 1999 - Synergy 12 is released, becoming the first ever Windows NT-native incarnation of the Synergy Cad Cam system.
  • 1998 - Launched Synergy 10.2. This Synergy update was the first to be released on CD-ROM and fully employ the automation toolkits.
  • 1997 - Introduced Automation Tool Kits, innovative automation software that enables programmers to simultaneously create and document manufacturing projects
  • 1992 - Introduced Automated Manufacturing Output (AMO). AMO is a fully configurable plant-wide CIM that optimizes cost and quality management
  • 1991 - Launched Synergy our revolutionary CIM software.
  • 1991 - Introduced TURBO POST, our fully configurable generic program generator and job costing system for CNC machine tools
  • 1976 - Introduced PROMPT, one of the first microcomputer-based CAD/CAM products.

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Weber Systems, Inc.
4700 Keeley Drive
Slinger, WI 53086

Phone: (262) 782-0181