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Automatic Synergy Installation and Updates

Note: If you are using the default window manager, please set the Visual Effects to None with:
System-->Preferences-->Appearance-->Visual Effects-->None

Installation Methods

There are three ways to update the system for installation and upgrades.

Using the Installation Script.

The following script will perform all the actions required to install Synergy.
sudo /bin/bash

Using the Menu Method

The repository is signed with a gpg key. This key verifies the repository to your system.
wget -q -O - | xargs gpg --export --armor  | sudo apt-key add -
System-->Administration-->Software Sources-->Third-party software-->Add
APT line: deb feisty binary
System-->Administration-->Synaptic Package Manager 

Using the Manual Method

wget -q -O - | xargs gpg --export --armor  | sudo apt-key add -
sudo echo deb feisty binary >> /etc/apt/sources.list 
deb feisty binary
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install synergy-cad
or use the menu entry at: