Release 14.02 Addendum

System Enhancements

Delete Duplicate Entities

A function to remove duplicate entities has been added under Edit * Delete.    This function is useful for cleaning up IGES files.    It will remove entities that are exactly the same.

Mill Turn AMO

There is now a global mill-turn available in post_formats. There is also a Global Mill-Turn Execute and Mill-Turn Auto Sort Tasks.

AMO Auto Tasks


The auto tasks routines have been enhanced.    The database/properties/TaskTemplates files have been enhanced.    You can now subcategorize the task list by what is in the name of the tool.    The TaskTemplates have more help information in them.

AMO Changes

The global executable turbo posts can now set a Task Template in the amofiles/amo_variables. The field is called "Tasks sort file:". The value you place in there is the name of the Task Template file.

AMO Auto Tasks

In Variational * Construct * Holes and Variational * VMill * Holes a button was added called Recall Feature.
This is used to place a hole feature again once it has already been read into the system.



Solid Modeling now has variational machining under the new tab Vmach.    There are also 4 new cutting routines under Vmach * 2D.    These are 2D routines designed to work with solid geometry.

Distance Functions

Solid Modeling * Convert * Inquire has a new menu called Distance. The buttons are:

Distance Two Bodies/Entities: Distance between two bodies or two solid entities, respectively.
Closest Point On Body/Entity: The closest point on a body or entity, respectively.
Two Body/Entity Separation Line: A line connecting the closest points of two bodies/entities.

Intersect Menu

Solid Modeling * Convert has a new menu called Intersect. It also contains Two Body Intersect Curve which was moved from the Slice menu. The 4 new routines are:

Body with Contour/Entity: The intersect points between a contour or entity and a body.
Face with Contour/Entity: The intersect points between a contour or entity and a face.

Guided Loft

Make a lofted body through multiple contours.    Found in Solid Modeling * Construct * Surfaces.

Untrimmed Face Surface

Make a sheet body from the untrimmed surface of a face.    Found in Solid Modeling * Construct * Surfaces.

Body Outline

This will generate the outline of a body from a particular view.    Found in Solid Modeling * Convert * Convert.

Face Parameter Lines

Patch density for a solid face.    Found under Solid Modeling * Convert * Attributes.


Creating an IGES file from a stored Synergy file is now fixed.    The routine used to overwrite the current file loaded into Synergy.

Interface Enhancements

Context Menu

A right-click menu has been added to allow users quick access to frequently used options.    This menu is actually a utility kit named ContextMenu.    Buttons can be added or deleted thru the standard utility kit functions.    The default ContextMenu has 3 buttons: Fit, Zoom and Geometry.    The Fit and Zoom buttons are the standard Fit and Zoom.    The Geometry button will pop up the Geometric Drop-Down Menu.