Release 14.03 Addendum

System Enhancements

Guided Demo

There is now a short training manual under Help * Guided Demo.    This mill demo is used to guide new users through some of the workings of the system.    It can be used to train any new users of Synergy.

TurboPost Data Packets

The globalexecute AMO now recognizes TurboPost data packets.    These packets are held in database/properties/TurboData.d.    When attached to a contour, these packets are put into the TurboPost command_file.    The command is under the Turn tabs in Tasks * Assign TurboPost Data.    The globallathe has the TurboPost examples of how this is used.    A contour must have a tool and a TurboPost data packet assigned to it.    The packet will then create ASSIGN: statements in the command_file.    These variables are then interpreted by the TurboPost.    The examples provided do G70, G71, G72, and G73 machine cutting routines.    This ability is only provided for lathe paths at the moment.    It will be expanded to all of AMO in the future.

AMO Endmill Sorting

The amo_variables switch Endmill ordering tells AMO how to use an endmill.    One endmill could plungemill, surface cut, contour cut, or round cut.    This switch tells AMO which order to do these.    The switch is added to amofiles/amo_variables in the TurboPost.

Hole Feature Sub-directories

Hole feature packets can now be subdivided into categories.    The directory structure allows for subdirectories under the main headings.

3D Machining

Boundary Cross Slice

Unlike other slicing routines which slice part geometry, this script creates a cross grid of cuts using parallel gouge check, it then creates cutter paths by slicing these cuts to produce a planar cutter path.    It can be found under all Mcheck menus.

Parallel Cross Cuts

This routine makes parallel cuts in perpendicular directions with the same tool and finish allowance.    It cuts a group of surfaces by first making a set of parallel cuts and then a set of perpendicular cuts and bounds them with a contour.    The cutter center is locked in the cut’s vertical plane in contact with the part.    The cutter path is generated using gouge avoidance.

Solids Z Gouge Check

The Solid Modeling * Machining * Mcheck now has the Z level cutting routines.

Interface Enhancements

Repeats and Double-click

Trying to do multiple picks in a row would sometimes not work.    This is because the mouse was registering double-clicks.    This ability has been modified so that faster clicking is possible.    This was most notable in using the REP= key and picking entities quickly.

Context Menu Separators

The Context Menu can now have separators.    Edit the Context Menu Utility Kit and add a line with 4 commas “,,,,”.    This will translate into a separator when you use the Context Menu.