Release 14.10 Addendum

System Enhancements

Minimum Pickups

The pocket milling now has the ability to stay in the cut without picking up the cutter.    It can be controlled thru a variable called "Minimum pickups" which can be declared in userconstants or CadSettings.

Tool Select Box

When you were asked to pick a tool the menu displayed all tools.    The Tool Select Box displays only those tools that are relevant to the type of work that is being done.

Z Reference Level

It was hard to tell were the top of a cut began in TurboPost.    Z reference levels were added to represent the Z level of a contour that has been offset or the reference plane of a hole.

Animation Speed

The animation slider is now relative to machine speed.    Faster computers should have better control over the animation.

Modal RZ

A TurboPost canned switch named modalrz has been added.    This allows canned cycles to output R's and Z's without repeating the G code.


The TurboPost command FORCEWORD has been added.    This command is only active until the next time a code is output.    If you want to force out an XY move and its Gcode along with Param0 then the line is:


Editing Files

The edit box no longer requires you to leave the edit before continuing in Synergy.    This is only in those areas where it was not necessary to halt such as Edit Tapefile.


Synergy will now output direct JPEG images.    It can be called from a HotKey or added to a utility kit by calling:


Where image.jpg is the JPG file that gets created.

Directory Variables

Directory variables no longer require the "/" at the end of the file name.    Although this is a recommended practice to maintain, it is no longer necessary.    If you have custom scripts, it may still be required.