Release 14.11 Addendum

System Enhancements


Execute Box

There is a new box that pops up when you execute TurboPost.    It allows you to turn stepping or debugging on in the middle of execution.    Also, you can control tool on/off so you can get through an endmill without waiting for the graphics.    Control rotation on/off to speed up the program.    You can turn graphics off so that you get optimal performance.    Cancel will stop execution.


Copied contours would not turn on cutter comp when they were cut.    This also happened when lead-ins were added.    This has been corrected.

Split Tape

A std blk line from output_format can be broken into two separate lines by using a "&".    This allows multi line blocks to be created without having to create macros.


The animation no longer "ghosts" when switching views in the middle of TurboPost execution.


5-axis posts

Global executable TurboPosts have been created for AB,CA and, CB 5-axis machines.

Date Formatting

The amofiles/amo_variables file now has an option to format the Date that is output.    An explanation accompanies the file.    To use this just add the option to /usr/weber/your global postprocessor/amofiles/amo_variables.


2-pt rectangle

An option has been added to feed down in Z rather than just rapiding.


A new function to mill a contoured area has been added.    It is the same as the mill 2-pt area except that the area is contained within a contour.    The starting corner for cutting and the direction are defined by the free parameters.

Power Tool Hole Features

Power tool hole features had an error that would keep flashing on the screen.    This is now fixed.    However, any old files that may have had this problem will not be fixed.    Only future uses of the power tool hole features will work.


The material library has changed.    The taps no longer require a set value for the surface speed.    The material files provided with the system explain in more detail how the new fields work.    The tap surface speed can be broken down by diameter or pitch or ranges of either.    Also, the tool material is added as an option.

Fill Cutter

When animation was changed in Version 14.10 the fill cutter routine was not changed.    It is now changed to run with the new animation.

Interface Enhancements

Turbo Dialog

As explained above, there is a new pop-up box for TurboPost that has been added to the system.

File Box

The file boxes now have options to sort by Synergy Files (*.syn), IGES files (*.igs) or, DXF files(*.dxf).