Release 14.12 Addendum

System Enhancements

Amo Process Table

Process Table Format

The process table format has changed.    The Info and fixture columns have been reduced in size in VDM.    Those columns are still there but not visible to the user.    If you need them back just change the free parameter for text size in the table record.    Another change is for the events.    The events are now numbered after each occurrence.

Process Table Editing

The process table now has its own edit capabilities.    You will find a new submenu in the Tasks menu.    This is most important for customers running variational tooling.    This allows for modification of the process table fields without loosing changes upon VDM execution.

Edit Entry

This allows you to edit any numeric entry.    The tool, event, and work zone fields cannot be edited.

Exchange Rows

Exchange two rows in the table.

Move Row

Move a row before another row in the table or to the end of the table.

Delete Row

Delete a row from the table

Insert Event

This is an alternate way to insert events into a process table.    You no longer need the event in the task or zone list.


Advanced Offset Body

This script offsets a body.    All the faces of the body but the exceptional faces are to be offset with the same offset.    Each exceptional face can be given a different offset.

Interface Enhancements


The ability to compile your own interface has been added to Synergy.    To create your own interface




/usr/weber/webdef/<your name>

Then compile the interface using

/usr/weber/bin/nsynergy.exe c <your name>

This will create an interface file

/usr/weber/guidef/<your name>

To run this interface, copy the Synergy shortcut and change the command line to include

-p <your name>