Release 14.20 Addendum

System Enhancements


Corner roughing

Will rough the corner areas of a contour previously roughed with a larger tool.    The routine will finish the corners of a closed contour on either the side.    This is not a finishing routine.

Group Leadins/outs

Leadins/outs can be applied to a group of paths by picking one of the paths.    A question will ask whether to apply it to the group of paths or just the path selected.

Boundary Trim Path Group

Trim a group of paths and the result is a group of path groups.    Other boundary trimming does not maintain a group structure.


Solid Edge

Synergy can now extract the Solid Model portion of a Solid Edge .PAR file.


A partition is a self-contained collection of bodies which may be rolled back to previous states, or rolled forward to existing states independently of other partitions.    A solid modeling session has as a default one partition.    A solid model embedded into a synergy file will preserve the partition structure.    This will allow stored files to be rolled back to previous states.


A Parasolids group describes a grouping of faces or edges.    Groups allow the user to identify portions of a solid body.    A group of faces can be used to describe a pocket or a hole in a solid body.

Interface Enhancements

Layer Control

The layer box control has been changed.    Visible layers are marked with plus (+) or minus (-) sign next to each layer depending on the state of the Except Layer check box.    The current drawing layer will have a "C" next to it.

Plot sized images to JPEG/BMP

You can now plot windows directly to JPG and BMP picture file formats.    Images are also automatically placed in the clipboard for paste operations in other applications.

WIN 98/Me

Synergy screen plotting/printing has been corrected for systems running Windows '98 or Me.