Release 14.30 Addendum

System Enhancements



Assigning layers, colors, and other attributes has been enhanced.    You can now use colors and layers more extensively in solid modeling.    This allows faces and edges to be colored independent of the body.


The solids interface can make a group of faces or a group of edges.    Many of the "group by", color or layer, functions are available to create groups.    A group of faces can be used to machine a particular area of a body.    The option "Face group" can be found in many places in machining where a body should be picked.    To pick a face group instead of a body click on or type "F".    A group of edges is not a contour but can be used in place of a contour where "Edge group" is an option.

Coordinate picks

Sectioning now allows for picks of X, Y, or Z coordinates as well as a value to be entered.

Hole recognition

Holes in solid modeling can now be recognized by touching one of its faces.    The faces can be grouped together and information about the hole can be displayed.

Specular reflection

A switch has been added to turn off specular reflection.    This helps to avoid "bright" spots.


Create Packets from Table

The delete option now works when storing properties from a table.    This option allows the entire packet directory to be deleted before storing is done.    This option is used to share packets when packets are deleted from the table.

Interface Enhancements

HPGL Output

Synergy will now directly output HPGL to an HPGL ready printer.    The file /usr/weber/bin/printshares contains the names of available printers.    The file /usr/weber/bin/printhpgl contains those printers that should plot direct HPGL.

Color Images on Monochrome Printers

The speckling effect when printing color images on monochrome printers has been improved.

IGES Widget

The IGES widget will now accept file names with spaces in them.    This used to bring up a usage error.