Release 14.40 Addendum

System Enhancements


Parasolids Update

The new Parasolids 13.2 has been incorporated into Synergy.

Solid from Sheet

Makes a solid from a sheet body by filling in any holes or gaps.  &30160; If successful, a new body is created and the sheet body is deleted.

Blend All Sharp Edges

Blends all sharp edges on a body with a constant radius.

Sew Multiple Sheet Bodies

Sew multiple sheets along common edges to make one sheet body.

3D Machining

Drive Curve Slice

The drive curve slice now allows the option of placing contours in Z.  &30160; The drive curves used to only allow Z moves to be entered manually.  &30160; Now if Z start and Z end are both 0, then the routine will follow the drive curve in the Z-axis.  &30160; This will allow the inner contour to be Z start and the outer contour to be Z end.

Tool Library

Metric Taps

Metric taps have been added to the inch tool library.  &30160; The subsequent hole features have also been added.

Interface Enhancements

GL Rotation

Solid Rotation can now be done by using the x, y, and z keys.  &30160; This will rotate the part 90 degrees about the appropriate axis.