Removing a Synergy installation:

It is very unlikely that a Synergy installation could cause system instability since ALL of Synergy is in the /usr/weber folder.

We have done it this way so users never have to worry about any part of Synergy conflicting with existing libraries. However if you want to check if Synergy interferes with other applications you might try removing it.

To remove Synergy completely, simply delete the /usr/weber folder.

The only hidden file that might be outside the weber tree is the one that allows Synergy to find itself. It places that in the root drive in the file named:


It is a text file that is usually 4 bytes long. It is hidden only so that it does not appear everytime you explore your drive.

Windows users only:

It is possible for Synergy to create 3 folders outside of the /usr/weber tree when running certain operations. Those folders are:


They can be removed if not required by other applications. You can test this by temporarily moving those folders to another location and running your other applications. If everything operates normally you could then delete those folders as well.

Linux users only:

The preferred way to un-install Synergy is to use the native package manager.
On most distributions this is the rpm utility.
To find the name of the Synergy package installed, use:
rpm -qa | grep Synergy
then using the name returned, use the erase option, i.e.
rpm -e Synergy-15.5-0

Debian users should use the apt-get utility i.e.
apt-get remove synergy-cad


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