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c: How do you arrive at the score?
r: The score is the sum total of winnings ( or losses ).
...Think of it as your nickels on the table or the amount owed.

--- Original game replaced with New game 05/04/18 ---
r: stats updated after each game - rank based on firsts-lasts
r: Players joining a game in progress can take a Bots seat
r: Bots will not pick unless winning gets them halfway to first.
r: revised doubler tracker in place
r: revised under card in place
r: right-click boot option on cards and Connected bar
r: rank is lowered by one for each day since last played
r: added double check for called ace/hold card throwoff
r: added double check to hit called suit
r: fixed bot not playing ace under when lead
r: fixed bot not playing ace under when lead
c: what do you do when a bot freezes up?
r: right-click on frozen bot for menu, use restart....
r: or use Options->Redeal