What else can Synergy do?

Here's a list of just some of the features included with Synergy Silver.

  Variational (Parametric) Design

• Direct associativity for drawings and toolpaths
• Allows creation of designs with variable dimensions
• Programming of family of parts
• Associativity between features
• Dimension based associativity
• Feature interchangeability

Graphic Visualization

• OpenGL rendering
• Multiple light and material colors
• Dynamic rotation, pan and zoom
• Definable layers, planes and views
• Multiple masks, colors
• Multiple lines and types
• Tool placement and animation


• Single, chain, and datum dimensioning
• Linear radial diametrical angular dimensions
• Automatic dimensioning capabilities
• Tolerancing, high/low, plus/minus
• Symbols and annotations
• American and international standards (ISO)


• Bidirectional IGES
• Import DXF
• Support all entities, including dimensions, annotations, symbols and layers

AMO Knowledge Based Machining

• Captures machining processes and strategies
• Links design features to machining strategies
• Tool and material libraries
• Feeds and speeds databases
• Tool path editing and manipulation
• Automatically generates documentation

Simulation and Visualization

• Syn-Cut: tool path simulation
• Manual and AMO driven verification
• Wire frame 2D-3D simulation

Machine Technologies

• Milling: multi-axis, pocket, drilling, indexing
• 3D machining: zigzag, roughing Z-plane
• 3D finish path: z level, parallel, normal, offset
• Undercut checking
• Multiple tool entry including tangent and helical
• High speed machining
• Hole Making: drilling, tapping, and many other point to point hole operations
• Turning: 2 and multi-axis, time study
• Wire EDM: multi-axis, no core, auto thread support

Post Processing

• Turbopost post processor
• Generic post-processor templates
• Custom post processor generator
• End-user modifiable

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