Synergy's Machining and CAM Systems

Software Support for:

  • 2, 3, 4 and 5-Axis Automated CNC Programming
  • Mill/Turn Power Tools
  • Automated Manufacturing Design
  • Integrated, easy to manipulate post processing
  • Automation Manufacturing Strategies
  • Custom Developed interface manipulation
  • Custom applications based on your requirements

Innovative Machining Capabilities:

  • CNC Automation node increases productivity through the use of knowledge based Variational design.

  • Scheduling Node ensures capacity by making all pertinent data instantly accessible.

  • Tool and Fixture Assembly node gives engineers the ability to create variational tools and fixtures and ensure programmers can simultaneously create and document manufacturing projects.

  • CNC viewing/shop-floor node reduces the risk of machine downtime by using proven CNC programs.

  • Quality Control Node improves product quality with knowledge based CMM operations.

  • Process planning node will improve services.

Generate Machine Output

AMO (Automated Manufacturing Output)

Knowledge based engineering for machine tools. Fully automates the CNC programming, including operations and job costing, machine maintenance and utilization logs, time study, process planning, tool and material management, and CNC code.
Customizable strategies that capture the techniques engineers use to complete a process can be used repeatedly in appropriate situations. Create contours and boundaries for pocketing and slotting
Single keystroke contour machining quickly and easily produces finished contours.

Task sorting

AMO is configurable via the AMO process table, giving machinists complete control of manufacturing tasks. Supports automatic sorting of tasks to zones, and zones to task.

Turbo Post CNC generation

Universal post processor, Turbo Post, creates CNC code without relying on expensive custom post processors. Efficiently generates NC code for operations defined in CAD/CAM system, defines g-code output files.

Fixture Part on Machine Tool

Work zones

Work zones allow you to group logical machining tasks per a partís face or section. Using workzones allows you to order manufacturing practices logically.

Fixture planes

Fixture planes allow programmers to name fixture points on their model. This way, when a programmer embeds the model onto a fixture the system will automatically orient the model.

Manual machining

Point to point machining, pocketing and profiling prismatic parts, single tool holes.

Automatic hole features

Hole features that allow quick and easy placement of different types of holes including bolt hole circles, taps, drills, cap screws, dowels, tubular dowels, leader pins, bushings, ejector pins, shoulder screws, and much more.


A strategy is a geometrically or analytically driven automation shortcut. Strategies allow you to capture a variational process of a number of steps, store that process, and then later play back the process in the same or some other program.

Intuitive GUI:
• Intuitive menu layout
• Consistent interface

Modeling and CAD:
• 2D and 3D geometry
• Over 200 different construction techniques
• Trimming, extension, filleting of geometry
• Manipulation of geometry and groups: translate, rotate, scale, symmetry, project, change

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