Intuitive GUI: :

We have organized our interface in a simple, yet powerful, easy-to-use interface, located on a single area of the screen, featuring:

  • Microsoft Windows Environment

  • Customizable pull down menus and toolbars

  • Navigational system

  • Line, color, and property controls

Click this image to preview Synergy's default interface:

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Modeling and CAD:
• 2D and 3D geometry
• Over 200 different construction techniques
• Trimming, extension, filleting of geometry
• Manipulation of geometry and groups: translate, rotate, scale, symmetry, project, change

Machining and CAM:
• Knowledge Based Machining
• 2 1/2-axis contour profile cutting
• Ramping, plunging, or helical tool entry and exit
• Drilling tapping boring and all other point to point hole making
• 4 and 5-axis, indexing and tool positioning
• Multi-axis turning

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